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As D.M.C. Gent-Watertoerist is always at your service for a meeting, a team-building etc…with or without accommodation, excursions, boat trips, dinners or any other activity.
A personal service and a good price / quality ratio.
A proposal according to the needs and budget of the client.

‘City quest along the water in the city’

Guided boat trip in combination with a quest to get to know more about the historical city of Ghent.

  • Meeting point: at jetty Rederij De Gentenaer, Groentenmarkt
  • Transmission of the questionnaire
  • Start of Part 1 of the rally
  • Guided boat excursion with on board 1 Gulden Draak beer or orange juice per person
  • Start of Part 2 of the rally
  • End on the meeting point Rederij De Gentenaer
  • Transmission of the correct  answers
  • Duration of this program : ± 3 ½ hours
  • Price: € 13,00 pp

‘City Quest: The Gentenaer Code’

Discover the city-centre of Ghent with our new city quest ‘The Gentenaer Code’ by App. Available in English to download on all Android and iOS devices.

  • Meeting point: at jetty Gent-Watertoerist at Graslei
  • Guided boat excursion with on board 1 Gulden Draak beer or orange juice per person
  • Transmision of the pasword to log in to start the quest: The Gentenaer Code
  • Start of city quest on foot throuhout the old city centre of Gent
  • Duration of this program : ± 3 ½ hours
  • Price: € 17,00 pp

‘Laughter is the best medicine’

Guided boat trip with aperitif in combination with laugh session directed by Luc, the workshop leader and trained laughing initiator.

  • Meeting point at jetty Gent-Watertoerist on Graslei
  • Start of active laughing tour (1 hour) on foot with Luc, professional laughing initiator in Gent
  • Followed by a guided boat trip of 45 minutes through the historical city centre
  • On board 1 glass of Cava or orange juice per person with crisps
  • Price: € 25,00 pp  – minimum of 15 participants

‘Kayak tour in Ghent’

The nicest way to see Gent is along the riverside. Active teambuilding by kayak through historical city of Gent.

  • Meeting point: boat jetty at Graslei or Groentenmarkt
  • Welcome and introduction with the guide
  • Distribution of the kayak boats
  • Start of active kayak tour (2 hours) throughout historical city of Gent (lockers and showers at your disposal)
  • Guided boat trip of 50 minutes in historical Gent with 1 glass of Gulden Draak beer or fairtrade coffee/tea
  • Duration of programm: ca. 3 hours
  • Price: € 30,00 pp

Enjoy a nice bread meal (variety of 4 sandwiches pp)

Served with fairtrade coffee/tea on the boat while cruising

  • Price: € 40,00 pp (incl. kayak and guided boat trip)

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“On Wheels and Water ” 

Guided boat trip in combination with a guided biking tour through historical Gent.

  • Meeting point: nearby the Belfry Tower in city-centre
  • Welcome and introduction with the guide
  • Distribution of the bikes (bikes included)
  • Departure with the bikes (cycling 1, 2 or 3 to choose)
  • Lunch at a restaurant : starter, main dish & dessert (drinks not included)
  • Guided boat trip of 40 minutes with departure from Graslei in historical Gent
  • On board 1 drink per person (cola/fanta or beer)
  • Duration of this program:  ± 5 hours
  • Price: € 55,00 pp 


Cycling number 1: “The origin of a city on the water”
This is the way follows many places along the  waterways of Ghent.
The river “Lys” and the stream “Schelde”, the canals, “Lieve”, the “Ketelvaart”,  the “Sassevaart”  have played a crucial role in the development of the city of Ghent. They have made Ghent the town it is today. Ganda, as Ghent was called initially, was built on the confluence of the river  “Lys” and the stream “Schelde”. Through the centuries, the 2 rivers formed the sparkling veins of the city.

Cycling number 2: “Green in the city”
This choice will prove the fact that Ghent is more than a historical city. Many green parks and squares are nice places to be. You discover architectural styles and will find out how Ghent became famous as the “Flower city”.

Cycling number 3: “A green circle in the city”
This is the way to discover many green areas in Ghent, from parks and gardens to brooks and indeed to a nature reserve.