Un opportunità di vedere Gent dall’ acqua…e di finire in pieno medioevo ! Vedere gli testimoni silenziosi e grazioso d’un passato glorioso : le belle facciate del Graslei, il Mercato della carne imponente, le robuste […]


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Chiuso il 25/12 e 01/01


02/01 - 31/03 -> 11.00 - 16.00
01/04 - 15/10 -> 10.30 -18.30
16/10 - 31/12 -> 11.00 - 16.00

Chiuso il 25/12 e il 01/01


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Expo 2020 'Van Eyck. An optical revolution'

Expo 2020 'Van Eyck. An optical revolution'

Combine your visit to this Van Eyck exhibiton with a pleasant guided boat trip through the historical city centre of Gent.

Groups with previous booking can be picked up from different points along the river Lys or Schelde, near the MSK at walking distance.

Groups have several options to choose from; sandwiches or drinks on board can be served.


Ghent Floraliën 2020

Ghent Floraliën 2020

Have a guided boat trip with us while you are in Gent for this flower event. We have several points along Gents' riverways Lys and Scheldt to get on/off the boat, near the ICC buildings.

Explore the magnificent old-town of Gent in group and choose from our special Floraliën packages; a visit to Floralies in combination with a boat tour or a full day program.


Formula CAVA BOAT DELUXE ~ Het Pand

Formula CAVA BOAT DELUXE ~ Het Pand

Refind 3-course menu - drinks included

Guided boat trip of 40 minutes including 2 drinks per person and East-Flemish appetizers

Followed by lunch/dinner at Het Pand including drinks

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