General terms and conditions

1. Definitions:
- Supplier : Gent-Watertoerist bv
- Buyer: Organisation or individual who buys from the supplier

2. The general terms and conditions shall apply to all contracts of sale/reservations between supplier and buyer, as well as the execution of the agreement. The supplier maintains the right to alter these terms and conditions at all times and without explicit notification.
The terms and conditions that are applicable, are the ones published on the date of reservation.

3. After reservation of the buyer, the supplier will make a confirmation letter. The correct billing information (address and trade number) shall be provided upon reservation as well as a cell phone number of the person responsible on the day of the excursion. The agreement stands from the moment the buyer agrees to the confirmation letter. The buyer will give his confirmation of this agreement via e-mail to the supplier. All reservations are made for a minimum of 20 persons.

4. All mentioned prices are VAT included and listed in Euro and are applicable in the year that they are published.

5. Cancellation of a reservation has to be done in writing, per letter or per e-mail.
Cancellation fees for the programs:
30 days before the excursion: 30%
15 days before the excursion: 50%
Less than 15 days: the total amount

6. The correct number of participants has to be confirmed at least 3 working days beforehand and this number shall be charged. After a delay of 20 minutes starting from the agreed time, the departure of the boat trip can no longer be guaranteed. The total amount of the order will be charged without questions. If the order is carried out after this delay, an additional fee of 195 euro per extra hour starting from the agreed time, will be taken into account. Every started hour shall be charged as a full hour.

7. Payment conditions and penalty clauses:
Every invoice that hasn’t been disputed within 8 days per post with a registered mail to the registered office of the company, will be considered as accepted. This acceptance also includes the recognition of the current general terms and conditions of sale.
All our invoices are payable in Gent within 8 days after invoice date, without discount.
In the event of a non-payment by the due date, the buyer will be charged, as of right and without formal notice, interest arrears of 8% in respect of the outstanding amounts from the due date as well as liquidated damages at the rate of 10% of the invoice amount with a minimum of 75 euro. Moreover in case of non-payment of all invoices on their due date, all debts fall due.

8. The supplier will not be liable for not executing the order in case of force majeure, as defined by law, or in case of shortcoming or fault of the buyer or in case of unpredictable and irrevocable facts committed by a third party in regards of the agreement. The supplier is not responsible for damages or other consequences caused due to misinformation of the buyer, for example information about allergies, medical conditions, etc.

9. All photos, available texts and information are shown as accurate and complete possible. Despite these efforts inaccuracies can occur in the available photos, texts and information. If the information provided on the website shows deficiencies or failures, the supplier will take the greatest effort to correct it as soon as possible. The supplier will not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of the website.

10. The total content of the website “”, consisting of photos, texts, brands and others are exclusively owned by the shipping company. For every partial or complete reproduction of the content, through or by any channel, has to be applied for in writing at the shipping company, this in on penalty of prosecution.

11. Gent-Watertoerist bv has signed the charter of conduct of BeCommerce. Information on this subject can be found on the website of BeCommerce.

12. Tickets bought through the website cannot be revoked and are non-refundable.

13. The data of the buyer shall be saved as long as necessary for the execution of the agreement. As soon as the agreement has been completed, the invoicing and payment are settled, the data of buyers shall be deleted within a term of maximum 1 month.

14. The buyer is free to share of he wants to be kept up to date of actions, newsletters or others. If the buyer does not want to receive any further information, he shall inform the supplier. The supplier will delete all the personal data in his files within a term of 1 month.

15. In case of dispute, only the courts of Stad Gent have jurisdiction, in particular the Commercial Court and the District Court of Gent with the Canton where the registered office is situated.